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Sunny beach

Sunny Beach is a lively spot on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast. This purpose-built, modern holiday town has rolled out brand-new restaurants, bars and energetic nightclubs across its high rise waterfront. It’s got a spotlessly long beach, too. But it’s not all purpose-built newness here – UNESCO-certified Nessebar is just up the road.Blue Flag beachThe wave of the Blue Flag here means it’s a clean, well-kept stretch – all 8 kilometres of it. But ramble along the coast for a few minutes, and you’ll soon find places to lay down your towel for free. As for watersports, you won’t go wanting here as the beach comes with the full range. Daytrips to Nessebar Just a 15-minute drive away is Nessebar. This UNESCO-listed town was founded by the Thracians, before the Greeks and Romans put up temples for Apollo and chunky fortress walls. There’s also an Ottoman-style Medieval Basilica to see. It’s all jockeying for position on a tiny, near-circular peninsula.

Sunny Beach is a paradise for everybody who want to relax, have fun, lay in the sun, play with the kids, jetski, enjoy excellent food and wine, party, disco, go clubbing with friends, go shopping – it’s all here. Sunny Beach is The holiday center in Europe. Get to know Sunny Beach!Sunny Beach was originally created in 1958 and has seen a incredible growth in the number of hotels, restaurants and other tourist activities, especially since 2000. Today the original resort area is a tiny section in the South end of the Sunny Beach area, which now reaches from its border with Nessebar in the South to the road to Elenite and the Stara Planina foothills in the North. The Western edge is currently the N9/E87 road between Burgas and Varna, with some apartment complexes and activities already built across that road as well.Sunny Beach is a huge, vast vacation and entertainment area in continuous growth and transformation. You can go to Sunny Beach at the same time as friends or family and never run into them, and have completely different holiday experiences. And next time you come, you may not recognise the area you hung out in last time.Sunny Beach has many names – Slanchev Briag, Slanchev Brjag and Slanchev Bryag are names currently used by Nessebar authorities themselves (Sunny Beach is in the Municipality of Nessebar) on the roadsigns outside Sunny Beach. Germans know Sunny Beach as Sonnenstrand.Come visit Sunny Beach soon!